Unbelief is like doubt yet different doubts come from ignorance and lack of intimacy with someone or an idea. When we doubt God, it points to our lack of knowledge of His promises, a false idea about His personality power and ability. It results from the build-up of strongholds in our minds formed by experience, thoughts conceptions and environment. Unbelief, however, is when you know and acknowledge that there is a God, who is powerful, yet you don’t believe His word. (Psalms 78: 21-22). ‘Therefore, when the lord heard, he was full of wrath a fire was kindled against Jacob, His anger rose against Israel, because they did not believe in God, and did not trust his saving power’. Unbelief is a direct whisper from the devil to the mind of a person. A negative opinion formed about God is usually deposited in our minds by Satan.

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