The Dangers of Distractions in the Life of a Christian

In the series on “Avoiding Distractions“, we have already looked at “How to Avoid Distractions to Our Christian Faith” and “Avoiding Distractions and Living a Victorious Life: A Case Study of Mary and Martha“. In this lesson, we will be discussing “The Dangers of Distractions in the Life of a Christian”

One major aim of distractions is to spoil the testimony of the salvation we received in Christ Jesus.

From the story in Luke 9:57-62, it is clear that at one point in time we can be committed to the things of God, but along the way, the care of life and the pleasure of this world can take away our eyes from the Master.

What are the Dangers of Distractions in the Life of a Christian?

  1. The person will not go to heaven unless he or she makes amendment before death or rapture takes place – Luke 9:62
  2. Toiling and struggling to survive in life and this can result in frustration and depression – Luke 5:5
  3. Complaining and murmuring against God, which always lead to both physical and spiritual death – Numbers 11:1
  4. Absence of God’s presence which exposes a Christian to attacks from the powers of darkness – 1st Samuel 19:9
  5. We can open a door for deception and lie from the enemy knowingly or unknowingly – Genesis 3:1-11
  6. Being occupied with earthly things and the pleasure of this world, which are temporary: Demas has left me because he loved the things of this world – 2nd Timothy 4:10
  7. Abuse of the liberty we have in Christ when we first believed – Galatians 5:1-2

How to Avoid the Dangers of Distractions

  1. By watching and praying at all times – Luke 21:34-36
  2. By taking heed and standing firm under the grace of God – 1st Corinthians 10:12


  • Lord Jesus, grant unto me the grace to be focused on You and to live a life of total obedience
  • Father, grant me the spirit of a finisher and let me have a testimony like Apostle Paul
  • Father, my life is in your hands. Keep me to the end of my race
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