Avoiding Distractions and Living a Victorious Life: A Case Study of Mary and Martha

What is a distraction?

  • A thing that prevents concentration
  • A diversion
  • Extreme agitation of the mind

The main purpose of the devil is to distract us as he has been doing from the beginning. He distracted Eve and destroyed Adam’s destiny. Distractions destroy destiny.

Jesus was invited to the house of Mary and Martha and being the Lord of Lords, it was expected that Martha would focus on the words of the Saviour but she was too occupied with trying to impress. Her intentions were good but her actions were a distraction. Our daily habits and actions can create a great distraction to our relationship with God.

Jesus went up early in the morning to pray and seek the Lord. If our environment is too noisy we may lose the connection that we need to create an atmosphere of closeness with God.

Some of us are too stimulated, we are afraid of silence but God likes stillness – Psalms 46:10. We need quietness for a good prayer life and for hearing God. A life of prayer leads to power and victory but distractions can keep us away from the place of prayer.

Emotional Distractions and Biblical Solutions

  1. Negative thinking – Phil 4:8
  2. Judgemental attitude – Luke 6:37
  3. Doubt- James 1:8
  4. Unforgiveness – Luke 6:37
  5. Pride – psalms 1:1
  6. Self-condemnation – Eph 2:8

Physical Distractions and Biblical Solutions

  1. Noisy environment – minimise noise as best as you can
  2. Phones or gadgets – switch them off
  3. Lack of good sleep – get some good sleep when you can
  4. People – chatting in church during prayer and worship (be aware)
  5. Untidy environment – clean your house
  6. Ignorance of the Word of God – read the Bible constantly.
  7. Lack of planning or daily priority setting – use a dairy.

Practical Steps to Avoid Distractions

  1. Think about what you are thinking before you take action – Matthew 9:4
  2. Beware of your environment and your location at any given time – 2nd Samuel 11:2
  3. Watch out for what your eyes, ears, and mind receive from the external world and confirm if it is Godly – 1st Corinthian 2:9
  4. Don’t deny yourself of the reality about your feeling and personal challenges. Deal with it without any delay – Judges 16:1-2
  5. Avoid any conversation that is contrary to what God says or His promises to you – Genesis 3:1-5
  6. Avoid taking a decision when you are tired and angry – 1st King 19:4
  7. Always learn from past mistakes and from people ahead of you, their success, and their failure – 1st Samuel 2:12-17. Eli & Samuel


Ephesians 5:15-16 (NKJV) – See then that you walk circumspectly, not as a fool but as wise, redeeming the time because the days are evil.