The Doctrine of the Trinity

The doctrine of the Trinity has been in the churches for centuries, the early churches and the elders came together to this agreement because there was an ongoing debate about the deity of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit even in prayers. (Nicaea council AD 325) (Nicene Creed).

What is the Trinity?

Trinity is the state of being three, a word used to describe a group of three and a union. In the Godhead, there is constant unity, equality and eternity, no beginning and no end. Trinity is not the name of God but a relational dimension, an explanation of relativity and the relationship between the Triune God according to their specific and peculiar manifestation.

There will never be an adequate human explanation for the existence or the origin of the God in the Trinity as man will forever be mystified by the very nature of the Godhead. It is beyond theology, philosophy, religion or politics. It is the mystery of godliness and spirituality, the very foundation of our faith. It is not a position that God occupies but His nature, how he operates. Jesus Christ is the only member of the Trinity that humans have seen with the physical eye.

How Can We Relate to the Trinity?

  1. We are not to pray to the Trinity but pray to the father God in Jesus’ name by the power of the holy spirit. Zech 4:6b – “Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord”.
  2. We must relate and respond to every member of the Trinity in equal measure.
  3. We need help from all the members of the Trinity.
  4. We have to live by faith.
  5. Learn to understand the inner witness of the Spirit to avoid being duped.

God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit

Is that so bad? Some say that it means God is three. He is one God eternally manifested in three and purposely remaining as the father God. Jesus referred to God as His father in a few places in the Scriptures -John 4:34.

The doctrine of the Trinity has sparked a few debates in theological circles and churches. However, we affirm that God exists and so is Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The more room we give to each one of them in our hearts, homes, and churches, the more influence they will have on our daily experiences.

God is a spirit and God has a spirit. When this spirit came on Mary the Virgin, Jesus Christ was conceived. Divinity and humanity came together. Jesus was both man and God, He died and rose by the Spirit of God and He went up to heaven because He couldn’t live on earth anymore. Then the Holy Spirit came on the Day of Pentecost and came on them all, no longer priests, special persons and apostles alone but everyone.

When we say in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, we confirm that we are a vessel of the Holy Spirit just like on the Day of the Pentecost and so we carry the trinity.
Stay blessed.